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Headquarters in Berlin, offices around the globe, a cross-cultural team, and versatile solutions – all that is Cortado. We are constantly looking for motivated team members who want to show their enthusiasm, passion and drive right from day one.

12 Reasons To Join the Team

The Cortado headquarters are located right on shores of the river Spree

Headquarters Right in the Center of the Capital

Multi-faceted, international, unique, creative, open-minded, exciting and productive: all this is Berlin. Our headquarters are located in the heart of the city on the river Spree and are easily accessible by bicycle, bus and rail.

Working on the go with Cortado Corporate Server

Innovative and Market-leading Products

We offer leading solutions in the areas of print management, enterprise mobility, and collaboration for teams – since 1999.

Bright Office Space

Bright offices, a cafeteria with organic-quality food and free drinks, large terraces and a game console lounge make sure you get the most out of your breaks. And for sporty employees, we even have showers.

More than 200 people from various nations are working at Cortado.

A Dynamic Team Around the Globe

Headquartered in Berlin, Cortado has offices in Australia, the UK, France, Japan and the US. More than 200 people from various nations ensure that customers worldwide are more than satisfied with our solutions.

Diverse team

Diversity Welcome!

Modern Germany has become a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation, and here at Cortado Holding, we seek to represent this diversity in our company. In fact, we’ve been actively encouraging and promoting diversity for several years. Learn more →

A Cortado team member enjoying time with her little child.

Flexible Working Hours & Day-Care Support

Flexible working hours give our employees enough room to organize family business and to plan compensatory time-off. Parents can also receive a 2/3 net subsidy on the day-care fees.

At Cortado, we’ve got everything a cyclist’s heart desires.

Tailwind for Cyclists

Attractive bike paths along the Spree river and through Berlin’s Tiergarten to our offices, numerous bicycle stands and changing rooms with shower facilities – we’ve got everything a cyclist’s heart desires. If you want more, you can participate as a member of our company team in in the annual Velothon bike race. And if your bike ever need a quick repair, we contribute to covering the costs.

An Employee Share Ownership Program

Everyone is welcome to acquire a stake in the Cortado group in the form of shares. The Cortado Employee Share Program offers attractive conditions to participate.

Smartphone Sponsorship

Use your private device also for daily business routines. By participating in the Bring Your Own Device Program, you will get sponsorship for buying as well as operating costs.

Many Opportunities for Health and Fitness

At Cortado we offer a lot to stay fit and healthy: a soccer team, a perfect jogging path along the Spree, skiing trips, and participation in the annual B2Run and cycle race.

Team Events and Activities

Whether barbecues on the roof terrace, tournaments on the foosball table, the legendary pop-rock quiz or sponsored trips to destinations such as Athens, Barcelona or Milan – team activities are a firm part of our corporate culture.

Plenty of Room for Your Own Ideas

With its flat management structures, Cortado makes it very easy for every employee to contribute his or her own ideas, encourage creativity, and shape their future.

Join the Team!

We are constantly looking for motivated and competent team members.